Tax agent and Consultation Services

Tax agent and Consultation Services

More than 10 years of experience in personal & corporate tax.

Every resident, no matter you are a company or individual is subject to income tax on your income generated in any particular year. Non-submission of tax return or non paying your tax will contravene against the Income Tax Act, 1967 of which heavily penalty and compound will be imposed to you in the coming future.

As a tax resident, you are obligated to filing your tax return and paying the correct tax amount each year before the deadline given by the Inland Revenue Board.

Our existence is to serve you to assess your correct taxes at an accurate amount so that you pay your tax correctly within the required date as pronounced by our Inland Revenue Board from time to time.

List of services

  • Filling and submitting Tax Return Forms, C, R, P, B, BE, CP204 & etc.
  • Monitoring tax matters and corresponding with Inland Revenue Board
  • Tax Planning
  • Tax compliance audit or prior tax
  • Assisting tax audit & investigation
  • Applying for Pioneer Status / Investment Tax Allowance
  • Providing consultation on tax laws
  • Bookkeeping

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  Ours Your typical Tax agent None Tax agent
  RM RM RM  
  ★★★★★ ★★★★ ★★  
a) Tax return forms are submitted in the name of the approved tax agent Yes Yes No All at your name and risk
b) Any charge on tax consultation? Free Maybe N/A No expertise
c) Available for Tax case study and planning services Yes Yes No Tax evasion
d) Tax computation by Tax approved software Yes Yes No Manually
e) Tax handled by well-trained Staff Yes Yes No High staff turnover
f) One year one fee (no hidden cost) Yes No No  
g) Professional fee on submission of the Tax return forms        
  i) Form BE 150 250 200  
  ii)  Form B 250 400 300  
  iii) Form E 300 400 400  
  iv) Form P 300 500 400  
  v) Form C (For example Turnover RM2 million) 2,000 3,000 2,000  
  vi) Form CP204. CP 204A, CP500, CP501etc 0 200 100  
  vii) Others forms 0 500 300  
h) Free for correspondence with Authority Yes No No  
i) Financial statement and Tax presentation for management Yes No No  
j) Warranty for 7 years Yes No No  
k) Proper record-keeping in hard and soft copy for 7 years Yes Yes No  
l) Online accessible documents through web 24 hours/ 7 days a week Yes No No  
m) Digitally certify true copy availability Yes No No  
  Total Tax agent fee for a year RM 3,000 RM 5,250 RM 3,700  
 Knowledge and experience in the subject
Cost reasonable and competitive fee
Customer care, after-sale service, continuation work, successor plan, and responsible for work performed
Timely delivery, accuracy, responsive and effective in work performance
Technology utilization such as online, software, e-communication, etc
  Remarks: The figures stated are for illustration purpose only, no reliance shall be placed and you may revisit your ledger for actual professional fee incurred as it varies for every firm
Other services