Secretarial services

Secretarial services 

(24 hours / 7 days a week accessible of your secretarial documents at anywhere, no cost to you for digitally certified true copy and no registration for fee to our secured website and no fee on utilizing the facilities provided at our secured website)

It is a requirement of the Companies Act, 2016, section 235 that each of the companies (Sdn. Bhd. or Bhd.) must appoint at least one approved company secretary who residing within Malaysia either he is a member of a body set out in fourth schedule or a person licensed by the Commission. We are providing a name as your company secretary under the respective Act and performing all secretarial services as required.

List of services

  • Formation/Incorporate and sale of shell companies (Sdn. Bhd. or LLP)
  • Secretarial services include named as secretary minutes write-up, filling and submitting statutory forms, etc
  • Certify true copy for statutory forms
  • Monitoring and corresponding with Companies Commission of Malaysia
  • Company members' voluntary winding up and de-registration
  • Company profile, charges, bankruptcy & liquidation search
  • Renting meeting room and registered office
  • Providing consultation on Company law (Companies Act, 12016 and Limited Liability Partnership, 2012)



  • Bankruptcy / Liquidity search (to click "Inquiry on this service", including contents of the subject name and NRIC / Com. no. for our search)
  • CTOS search (to click "Inquiry on this service", including contents of the subject name and NRIC / Com. no. for our search)



  Ours Your typical secretary
  RM   RM  
  ★★★★★ Examples ★★★ Examples
a) Annual Professional fee (Name as secretary, retainer fee) 1200   800  
b) Professional fee on performing minutes and resolution 0 Unlimited 600 3 resolutions
c) Professional fee on updating register and minutes book 0 Unlimited 200 2 times/year
d) Professional fee on Annual return and Financial statement submission 0 Unlimited 400 2 times/year
e) Professional fee on submission of forms 0 Unlimited 400 2 times/year
f) Professional Fee for certifying true copy on all the necessary documents and forms 0 Unlimited 200 40 copies
g) Reimbursement costs 100   300  
h) Delivery time 1 day   3 days  
i) Online accessible documents through web 24 hours/ 7 days a week Unlimited No  
j) Digitally certify true copy availability Unlimited No  
  Total secretary fee for a year RM 1,300   RM 2,900  
Knowledge and experience in the subject
Cost reasonable and competitive fee
Customer care, after-sale service, continuation work, successor plan, and responsible for work performed
Timely delivery, accuracy, responsive and effective in work performance
Technology utilization such as online, software, e-communication, etc
  Remarks: The figures stated are for illustration purpose only, no reliance shall be placed and you may revisit your ledger for actual professional fee incurred as it varies for every firm.


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