In accordance with the enforcement of section 241 of the Companies Act 2016 (CA2016) on 15 March 2019, you are required to take the following actions in order to ensure compliance with the Act, regulation and guidelines issued by SSM in relation to the requirements of Section 241 CA2016:

Submit an "Application For Registration To Act As A Secretary" to SSM before 15 March 2020 through e-Secretary system with a fee of RM100.00 The system can be accessed at Or SSM Web Portal at under Quick Links e-Secretary. (Please ignore if you have obtained practicing certificate issued under Section 241).For first renewal of practicing certificate (PC), a secretary must provide a minimum of 20 CPE hours at the time of the application. Please refer to Para 35, Guidelines Relating to Practising Certificate for Secretaries under Section 241 of the Companies Act 2016 for further information.Apply for renewal of PC not less than 30 days before the expiry date of PC. Please refer to Regulation 4(1), Companies (Practising Certificate for Secretaries) Regulations 2019.