Finance consultation services

Finance consultation services

Before getting any finance facility, perhaps you are advised to get proper and independent advice from a financial consultant of your financing structure and method to match your needs and repayability. Many corporates fail mainly due to acquiring inappropriate finance facilities, incompatible financing structure, the inappropriate method with high commitments to its finance facilities.

We do render professional services in determining and seeking your best financing structure and method for your corporation. We perform risk management over your loans and strategy on loan repayment and other implementation to ensure you achieve your corporation goal with minimizing overall corporate liquidity risk.


  • Documentation for loan application (commercial / government)
  • Corporate finance restructuring
  • Profit and cash flow forecast and projection
  • Corporate profile writing up
  • Consultation on public listing on share market exchange
  • Providing consultation on the finance control system


  • Bank loan calculator
  • Hire purchase calculator


Other services