Audit services

Audit services


Under Section 267(1) of the Companies Act 2016, a private company shall appoint an auditor for each financial year of the company, and to lodge (Section 259) its audited financial statements so ended within 1 month from members' circulation date, failing of which will commit an offence not exceeding RM50,000, in case continue offence to a further fine not exceeding RM1,000 a day after the conviction.

However Section 267(2) the Registrar shall have the power to exempt any private company from the requirement stated in section 267(1),it appears that dormant companies*(zero revenue and total asset less than RM300,000 for current and 2 immediate previous financial years) and small private companies#(revenue less than RM100,000 and total assets less than RM300,000 for current and 2 immediate previous financial years) will no longer need to appoint auditors.

Your statutory audit is being wholly carried out by our strong affiliated audit firm, Yong Tan & Co. and Chin Wei Teck & Co. who have great experience in various industries and have been in practice for many years.



Our firm also provides internal audits to specific listed and unlisted group of companies includes risk assessments and internal controls assessments for reporting purpose to the audit committee (outsource)

We are also able to design, implement, and monitoring internal control systems and recommend risk management approach for the management/board of directors.


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