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NSH Corporate Consultants PLT 202306000017 (LLP0035334-LCA)


NSH Corporate Consultants was incorporated in the year 2007, and converted to NSH Corporate Consultants Plt in year 2023 (202306000017 (LLP0035334-LCA) is a chartered accountants firm registered under the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA) as a non-audit firm providing professional services include tax consultation services, company secretarial, financial accounting, data processing or bookkeeping, GST consultation services, internal audit, management consultation, finance consultation, and general management.

NSH Corporate Consultants Plt is an accountant professional firm teamed up with professional personnel who acquired education in accounting and finance with years of experience. Internal and external training are being provided from time to time to abreast their employee on the latest developments and changes in the accounting, tax, audit, and secretarial fields.


To our valuable and potential clients

NSH Corporate Consultants Plt provides you a one-stop service for corporate management, no matter whether you are a sole proprietor, conventional partnership, limited liability partnership (LLP), association, society, or private limited company (Sdn. Bhd.), we are able to give our best services and advice on all aspect of your management. NSH provides you with various and complete professional services for your needs to maintain your good corporation activities and business transaction matters.

As an accounting software provider

NSH Corporate Consultants is awarded as the golden dealer of QnE Software, a famous and well-known accounting software in Malaysia, As its name applies, QnE, is a Quick and Easy with user-friendly features accounting system. NSH is not only selling this user-friendly accounting software (with GST/SST) but also provides value-added services along the way to assist you in computerizing your accounting and documentation system, in addition to the training provided to your operators. NSH also provides after-sales service to guide you in resolving system issues arising from time to time. (after-sales service).

As an accountant

We provide you with outsourcing Bookkeeping/data processing, and accountancy, to ensure appropriate business records are being kept in your book at correct entries on a timely basis, to ensure any of the time Management account is ready for presentation for internal or external purposes.

As a tax agent

Tax planning, tax submission, tax audit, tax investigation, corresponding and liaison with Inland Revenue Board’s officers and directors. GST and SST review and consultation and liaison with Customs authority.

As a company secretary

We do all the necessary recording and submission for you including the formation of LLP and Sdn. Bhd., minutes and resolution write-up, liquidation and bankruptcy search, members voluntary winding up, statutory form submission, corresponding, and liaison with Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM). We deal for you all the matters written in the Company Act except creditor winding up which we refer to our associate.

As an experienced business consultant

We also perform as outsourcing internal auditors for publicly listed companies, proposal write-up, feasibility study, outsource internal controls design and monitoring, risk management assessment and solution, company rescue, financing, and management consultation for your corporate.


Please register with us now to obtain the latest development which is free. if you are our client, further features such as downloading your documents by us, certified true copies for the documents, checking our account status with you, tax computation, expert inquiry on certain issues, business trade lead,s and others are available for you to ease your operation.

If you have any inquiries, please make an appointment with our founder, Mr. Ng Soon Hong for advice on your business solution

We can help and guide you all along the way with your ongoing business to ensure you’re your management is conducting in a safe and sound mode as so to free of mind from trouble and problems for the current or in the future. This is our commitment to you in line with our corporate motto TOGETHER WE GROW!


Our Commitment to our valuable/potential clients:
Timely and accuracy in reporting


Our certifications

About our founder

Ng Soon Hong C.A.(M)

Managing Proprietor, NSH Corporate Consultants

Our founder, Mr. Ng Soon Hong is a member of MIA (Malaysian Institute of Accountants), and CTIM (Chartered Tax Institute of Malaysia) with over 20 years of experience in the field of accounting, auditing, taxation, and financial management. Mr. Ng is also an approved tax agent, specializing in tax planning, tax audit, and investigation, indirect tax, accounting, secretarial and management services.

The founder, Mr. Ng Soon Hong established NSH Corporate Consultants at aged 34-year-old in the year 2007 and the firm was converted to Plt (Limited Liability Partnership in thee year 2023. He is a member of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA), Malaysian Institute of Public Accountants (MICPA), Chartered Tax Institute of Malaysia, ASEAN Chartered Professional Accountants (ACPA). He has been an approved Tax agent since the year 2009 and became an approved Goods and Services Tax agent (GST agent) in the year 2015.

Mr. Ng has wide and depth experience in corporate and personal income tax, goods and services tax, accounting, secretarial, management, and financing fields. Before he became a practicing public accountant, Mr. Ng was engaged as a group accountant by a group of companies which was then listed on the main board of Bursa Malaysia after 4 years of his serving. During those days, Mr. Ng successfully brought two (2) companies of the group rewarded as Malaysia's 50th Enterprise (the 50 best enterprises in Malaysia).

Mr. Ng acquired various professional skills including business strategic planning, business solutions, negotiation, public relations, the arbitration process, managing, financing, and risk management approach. The Firm maintains its steady growth from year to year in terms of its clientele, revenue, profit, and employee.

Mr. Ng was selected to be Top 10 of Business Consultants by CEO Insights Asia Magazine for the year 2023. https://www.ceoinsightsasia.com/emagazines/2023/



Founder addressed to his employees

To my beloved employees and managers, I am glad to be with you all the time, you are the most valuable asset of our firm, without you, our firm could not achieve from a milestone to another from year to year.

Your independently working, good attitude, commitment to your assigned works and appropriate recommendation toward our clients for their solving problems have led our firm lead ahead from other conventional accountant firms, putting our firm much more success as a better accountants firm to serve our clients in this area.

I also express my appreciation to you on accommodating the needs of our clients who always showing their great satisfaction and complimentary. That to say, our provided training internally and externally and departmental meetings have resulted in work improvement and communication with our clients who always put his trust in us.

As tokens to your hard-working and commitment, our firm committed to finding better remuneration and benefit in the kind package for you such as sponsoring company trip to other countries once in two years, additional medication insurance covering you for 24 hours and 7 days a week, annual dinner,  incentive meals, complimentary kitchen, etc.  Please do not hesitate to contact the person in duty should you have any recommendations to improve further our life for work policy. I also invite those potential candidates to join our NSH family to enhance his career life and knowledge together with us.

At last but not least, I hope you all will enjoy your working life in a free and easy way and have a better standard of living while you work with us. 

Love you all!