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Tax agent and Consultation Services

More than 10 years of experience in personal & corporate tax. Every resident, no matter you are a company or individual is subject to incom ...

Secretarial services 

(24 hours / 7 days a week accessible of your secretarial documents at anywhere, no cost to you for digitally certified true copy and no registration for fee to our ...

Accountancy and book keep services

Bookkeeping is fundamental for recording your business transactions. Proper and correct bookkeeping will resulted in timely and correctly generat ...

Direct Taxation Income Tax (Cost of Renovation and Refurbishment of Business Premise) Rules 2020 [P.U. (A) 381/2020]  P.U. (A) Remarks (Please access the Rules for the full detail ...
  1) Convert your Sdn Bhd to PLT (Limited Liability Partnership, LLP),       PLT does not require the statutory audit, then why you still paying the audit fee? convert to PLT for ... click the following link to retrieve Budget 2021 highlights ...
P.U. (A) Remarks(Please access the Orders for the full details) 72/2024 Excise Duties (Exemption) (Amendment) Order 2024 (Admentment) Order 2024 (Gazetted on 28 February 2024) Thi ...

BOSS (Back office support system), Your Firm's Business Operating system (ALL- In-One), Everybody can run their own business now!!!

BOSS System is created and specifically designed by the Firm to cater micro, small and medium enterprise to run their businesses by the computerized and systematical way to record their daily business transaction such invoicing, purchasing, payment receiving, payment to the supplier, quotation, delivery notes, stocks control, etc just by clicks (easy to use). The Firm assists the enterprise as the back end supporter to monitor and consulting your accounting entries via online servicing and thereafter to submit tax return, SST or Income Tax on due day. It is free from maintenance and renewal, no hidden cost, our fee is based on your turnover (your business increase, we increase, you decrease we decrease) more flexible and variable cost for accounting and tax.

Benefits: Effective, Efficient, Cost reduce, Maintenance-free, Accessible by handphone, 24 hours in operation, Easy to use (2 hours training by video), Real-time reporting, Consult by Professional, etc

QnE AI Cloud Accounting

You issue invoices and receipts for your customers (e-Invoice) and perform supplier bills and pay the bills, and we do the rest of the accounting.

Below are our BOSS package pricing (price is inclusive QnE AI Cloud Accounting system for you)

Turnover less than RM500,000 = Boss costing at RM200/month;
RM500,001 to RM1 million = BOSS costing at RM300/month;
RM1 million to RM2 million = BOSS costing at RM400/month; and

Thereafter every RM1 million increment in turnover = 
BOSS costing at RM100/month increment. 

The above professional fee includes:

  • Software for Accounting, invoicing, stock, purchasing, receipt & payment, software & cloud hub (max 2gb), 24 hours accessible.
  • Bookkeeping services by us
  • Income tax review & submission by us
  • Consultation & updates by us
  • System maintenance & updates by us
  • SST review & submission by us

We also a reseller (Golden Dealer), trainer, after-sales service of quick and easy accounting software, QnE Accounting Software, please make an inquiry to ensure the best suitability for business environment [check out for (QnE price list)  (functional of each QnE package and module)] of the QnE Software, we have to ensure the most suitable package implemented for your business.

Safety guarantee!

  • Reliable and compatible GST/SST compliant software approved by customers
  • Accounting by experience account executive and overviewed by a Chartered Accountant.
  • GST/SST reviewed & submitted by approved GST agent
  • Tax submitted by approved Tax Agent.

Much cost saving!

  • No need to purchase server and accounting / stock software
  • No maintenance cost for server & computer.
  • No update fee for accounting software.
  • Quick & easy
  • Reduce human resource & more efficient.
  • Free software training (by Video) - Video Training

Real time accessible!

  • Accessible via the internet 24 hours, 7 days a week.
  • Issue your own Tax invoice, Received payment (DIY)
  • Record your Supplier bill, Invoice & pay bill (DIY)
  • Accessible via any device (computer, handphone) with an internet connection
  • Reports up to date.

About NSH

A chartered accountants firm registered under MIA (Malaysian Institute of Accountants) providing approved tax agent, bookkeeping, accountancy, company secretarial, finance and business consultation, and management services to the public. We are based in Sandakan, we will be able to reach clients and the public at any time any where.

Our team consists of experienced and well trained officers. All are welcome to contact us for any information pertaining to tax, accounting and secretarial matter. We wish you have a prosperous year and together We Grow!!!

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